DBB.jpgDarrel Bristow-Bovey was born in Durban, South Africa and educated at the University of Cape Town where he studied under J.M. Coetzee and Andre Brink. He currently divides his time between South Africa, the UK and an island in the Aegean.

He is a screenwriter, represented by Abram Nalibotsky at the Gersh Agency, Beverly Hills. His original drama series Paradise, in pre-development with Keshet International and Quizzical Pictures, is to be announced at Series Mania 2020 in Lille in March.

Dark Hearts, a crime series in co-production with Quizzical Pictures and ZDFE (Germany) is due to launch in mid-2020.

Feature films include: Inside Story (2010) for Discovery Channel, Nothing for Mahala (2013) and Score (2005). Television credits include The Lab series 1 and 2, Hard Copy series 2 and 3, iNumberNumber, Hopeville, Rhythm City and Scandal.

He is a newspaper and magazine columnist and has written five books which have been translated into seven languages: I Moved Your Cheese (2001) and The Naked Bachelor (2002) were books of humour and But I Digress (2003), was a collection of his best columns between 1997 and 2003.

SuperZero (2004) won a Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature and the Percy Fitzpatrick Prize for South African Literature.

One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo (2013) was a humorous account of his attempt to swim across the Dardenelles in the wake of Lord Byron.

Now – An experiment in happiness is scheduled for publication for Christmas 2020.

In 2017 his play Priest With Balloons won the Scribe Playwriting Competition, and will be premiered in 2020.

In 2016 he co-wrote The Power Struggle, a one-man showcase for stand-up comic Nik Rabinowitz.

In 2006 he was a finalist for the Caine Prize for African Literature for his short story “A Joburg Story”.