Article: Smooth Sailing

An article published in Diner’s Club magazine about a trip with my mother on the splendid Crystal Serenity. (…..)

Column: Strictly come cruising – February 2020

The importance of dancing to the horizon. (…..)

Column: Fate and the Furious – 18 November 2019

Traveling is like life, and not everyone wants to be happy. (…..)

My favourite place: Uncle Jim’s Hermanus – October 2019

A short place about somewhere I love immoderately. (…..)

Paris in a heatwave – 9 June 2019

The most important survival skill a traveller needs to learn. (…..)

Feature: Joy on the Orient Express – June 2019

Something was going to die on that train, if they weren’t careful. (…..)

Feature: Siberia and the life-saving importance of being bored – March 2019

Vladivostok was a very long way away, and all I could think is, “I’m wasting my life”. (…..)

Column: Valentine in Moscow – February 2019

Oh, what could be more romantic than a weekend in Moscow? (…..)

Visiting Lenin in Red Square – 26 September 2018

A visit to Lenin’s tomb teaches important life lessons in queuing and remembrance. (…..)

Column: Birthday in Andalucia – 5 April 2018

April is the cruelest month, even in southern Spain. (…..)

Column: Spending a penny – 2 April 2018

Your faithful columnist is apprehended breaking into a public toilet in Belgium. (…..)

Column: I blame George Saunders – March 2018

A terribly embarrassing encounter in the lobby of the Burj Al-Arab in Dubai. (…..)

Column: Why I travel – 27 Feb 2018

It took me a long time to realise why it is that I travel so much and so ceaselessly. (…..)

Column: I’m sorry, Lucy Jordan – January 2018

At the age of 37, I tried to give the gift of the warm Paris wind through her hair. (…..)

Column: The gorgeous Ganges by moonlight – 11 Nov 2016

Number 16 on my List of Things To Do Before I Die was to see the gorgeous Ganges by moonlight. (…..)

Column: The fountain of youth – 28 June 2016

That time I swam in the Trevi fountain on a hot summer’s night in Rome. (…..)

Column: I travel alone – 26 May 2016

It isn’t easy to travel alone but it has some strange and almost magical benefits.  (…..)

Column: On foot with the elephants – 5 May 2016

You should never go walking in the bush with a crazy Zimbabwean. (…..)

Column: Joining the mile-high club – September 2016

There’s a particular mile-high club that once you’ve joined, you’ll never want to leave. (…..)

Column: My favourite travel memory – 2 August 2016

My favourite travel memory currently belongs to somebody else. (…..)

Column: A Gentleman on a train in Kenya – September 2015

A moving encounter on the Lunatic Express. (…..)

Column: Having faith in the hamburger – 19 Aug 2015

Resilience, endurance, art and eponymous eating on a long weekend in Hamburg. (…..)

Column: How I met my mother (in New York) – 30 May 2015

When my father died he had never been out of the country … (…..)

My list of things to do before I die – 20 May 2015

“Number 4: walk on the Cobb at Lyme Regis in a winter storm, like Meryl Streep.” (…..)

Feature: On foot with gorillas in the Mountains of the Moon – April 2015

A friend once told me that after seeing the gorillas she started having terrible nightmares in which she was a little girl taken from her family. (…..)

Column: The city seen for the first time – 5 Nov 2014

You can only cross the Queensboro bridge into New York for the first time once. (…..)

Column: The broken heart of Budapest – 25 Aug 2014

“There was a woman I loved but she didn’t love me any more, so I was in Budapest alone.” (…..)