Current location: Athens

Dear friends! Old friends! New friends! Hello! Thank you for visiting my website.

(Perhaps that’s a little overly effusive. I don’t know if that’s how one is supposed to start these things, but I really am very glad you made it here.)

On this website I will be building the archive of my writings, stretching back to 1997. I’ll add new new columns from the past every week, but I’ll also be writing regular long posts – at least one a month, available nowhere else – and irregular and more frequent short posts. There’ll be travel blogs and pictures and occasional audio clips and news of upcoming events and publications, and on the newsletter I’ll share resources and things I’m reading and watching. And I hope there’ll be you too – my reason for creating this website is to build a closer connection between us, to have more of a conversation than is possible in the clamour of social media. I want to share with you, and I hope you’ll share with me. 

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6 thoughts on “Hello!”

    1. Oh man, that is a good many old hard drives to comb through, but I think I can still find it. I still remember some of the people I profiled, I think – Wayne Ferreira, Elana Meyer, Patricia Lewis even.

  1. So enjoyed your letter. Loved reliving my old memories of brief spells spent in Athens and Corfu in my youth. Thank you for that! We were rather empty-headed though, at the time and not quite as enlightened as you are! You still left me green with envy……..

  2. I am sorry for these losses, even as they offer a lightness. But your land looks spectacularly lovely and envy-inducing — for what it is and all that it promises. Have you read Polly Sampson’s, A Theatre for Dreamers?

    1. I haven’t! And I hadn’t even heard of it, somehow! But now I am going to get it as quickly as I can, thank you.

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