Human sacrifice for the rugby World Cup

If you click here you will be linked through to my column for Traveller24 on how I have offered myself as a human sacrifice to the rugby World Cup this year. But as a public service to any sport-loving South African in Athens, I offer you these pictures of the best rugby-watching pub in the world:


The James Joyce on Astiggos Street in Monastiraki, just past the Museum of Illusions, right next to the ancient agora of Athens. On a rugby day, it’s welcoming, accommodating and inclusive –


Although it’s recommended you come early for the best seat at the bar, with plenty of elbow room for eating Bar-B-Q chicken wings.




2 thoughts on “Human sacrifice for the rugby World Cup”

  1. Focus focus focus – together we can do it! Positive thinking by all of us. …we will do it. If we don’t, let us at least lose with pride after a battle well fought! Don’t miss it!

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